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  • HusbandryLameness Examinations
  • Bio-Security
  • Custom Vaccine Programs
  • Pregnanc Diagnosis
  • Surgical Castration/Dehorning
  • Foot Trimming
  • Sick Animal Care


We've Got Ewe Covered!

Sheep & Goat Health

We do same day sick appointments and after hour emergencies. Call the clinic at 605-363-5353 to get the phone number of the veterinarian on call.

Keep your sheep and goats prancing all year long.

Emergency On-Call

Overview of Services

  • Diagnostic Testing/Necropsy
  • Herd/Flock Disease Surveillance
  • De-worming Programs
  • Fecal Egg Counts
  • OB/C-Section
  • 24 Hr Emergency Care

If there are additional services you are interested in please call and talk to one of our veterinarians.