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Dogs and cats are susceptible to a variety of parasites. There are those you can see like fleas and ticks, to those that live inside your pet's body, like roundworms and heartworms. Some of these parasites can even spread from the pet and infect the owner. We will help you develop a prevention plan that fits your pet's lifestyle and environment.


We do same day sick appointments and after hour emergencies. Call the clinic at 605-363-5353 to get the phone number of the veterinarian on call.

We offer our clients 24 hour call for after hour/weekend emergencies. Please call the vet clinic to reach the on call veterinarian.

Diagnostic Testing

We believe the best way to help keep your pet healthy is keeping them up to date on their vaccinations. Vaccines help prevent many diseases, some that can be life threatening.


Your Best Friend is in Good Hands

Dental care is very important in preserving your pet's teeth and gums. We provide dental cleanings, polishing and extractions (if needed). Good dental health has been shown to improve your pet's overall health.

Welness Exams

Since our patients are unable to tell us “where it hurts”, sometimes we have to run diagnostic tests to help figure out what is wrong. Diagnostic tests we offer include: Bloodwork, Fecal Exam, Radiographs, Urine analysis, Heart Worm Test, Cytology. Depending on the individual case, we may also have to send samples to an outside lab.

We recommend and offer microchipping of your pet to help ensure your pet can safely be returned to you in the event it becomes missing.

Parasite Control

From puppies to old friends, we've got you covered.

24 Hr On Call


Emergency On-Call

We offer routine and certain emergency surgeries. Spay, Neuter,  Mass removal, Intra-abdominal surgeries as well as a variety of Orthopedic surgeries are available. We also refer surgical cases that are complicated or risky to outside specialty clinics.

Dental Care

Routine wellness exams are recommended yearly. As your pet ages, things can change, and it's always best to stay ahead of potential health problems. This helps ensure we keep your pets as healthy as possible.

Canine Health